The Pleasure Principle

The Pleasure Principle


Capturing The Essence Of Sensuality
An afternoon of video games is doing nothing for Scarlett except making her horny. Her man ignores her initially, but she gets in his line of view and starts stripping. He resists for a while, but he’s only a man and can only take so much.

Laying on the couch with Nathan, Evelyn clearly isn’t into watching TV. She tries shaking her booty to get his attention but that doesn’t work. She then goes from subtle to obvious as she rubs her feet and then her hands acriss Nathan’s dick.

Anastasia’s wearing nothing more than a tank top as she settle’s into Raul’s favorite chair and starts warming herself up by slipping her fingertip into her bare pussy. She enjoys the touch of her own hand as she waits for her boyfriend.

Alex cuddles with Codey beneath the tree while Kiara prepares some coacoa for the two of them. Codey is surprised to see Kiara there, but he;s even more surprised when Alex reveals two sets of lingerie, one for herself and one for Kiara.

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