The Night Daddy Came

The Night Daddy Came


Sadie Holmes From Creampie To 9 Months Pregnant.
Last Semester I had been away at school a few weeks and I was really missing Daddy. When he was finally able to come see me I was super excited. I dressed in daddy’s favorite fishnet outfit and brushed my hair nervously anticipating his arrival. It wasn’t long after he got there that I got what I wanted, his hard cock in my mouth. Daddy didn’t waste anytime and soon had me riding him til I came. Daddy was pretty excited too cause as soon as he bent me over he pounded me til I he came inside me. Unfortunately I hadn’t been taking my pills and he creampied me on the day of ovulation so I wound up pregnant. I stayed away for several months but there’s no denying my desires anymore.

9 Months Later The night I went into labor started kind of weird. I couldn’t sl–p so I started pacing in the living room. After several minutes I decided to wake Daddy and see if he would help me relax so I could sl–p. It took a bit of blowing him to get daddy’s attention but soon as he was up I was ready to ride. I rod Daddy hard for a bit then he spooned me from behind. We both came pretty hard but then there was a rush of wetness as my water broke. Daddy rushed me to the delivery room and things went great. I can’t wait to recover so Daddy can knock me up again.

I Want Another Baby After having the baby things have been pretty hectic here but they’re starting to settle down. When I do get time for myself I catch up on notes and of course masturbate. The other night I was playing with myself and thinking about Daddy knocking me up again. I grabbed my hitachi and the next thing you know I was squirting everywhere. I was so turned on by the fantasy I went in and woke Daddy up for sex. I got him hard pretty quick and soon his hard cock was deep in my wet pussy. I needed his seed so bad I rod him hard and fast til he exploded inside me. Daddy was shocked when he discovered I did it on purpose but I got what I wanted!!

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