Teenage Anal Sluts

Teenage Anal Sluts


Kenzie Reeves Is The Ultimate Teenage Anal Slut: Petite blonde teenager Kenzie Reeves shows off her shaved pussy and tight asshole in a slutty 1960s go-go outfit complete with big red shades. She spreads her tight pink pussy for all to see and spreads her cheeks to reveal her even tighter little asshole. James Deen hopes to slightly stretch her asshole (wink, wink). He approaches her on the bed and touches her soft porcelain skin all over, he lifts her by grabbing her ass and spreading her cheeks to feel the wetness below her asshole and sliding his fingers from her clit to her holes. They fall back onto the bed and continue kissing, James inserting his fingers into her tight pink pussy, Kenzie gasps at his sudden entrance but then moans and clutches at his shoulders giving James the sign that she’s fucking enjoying this. Kenzie can feel his cock through his jeans and climbs off to feel some more, ultimately disrobing him to shove his cock down her throat. She tries to show off her blowjob skills but he’s too big for her and she chokes and runs out of breath as he fucks her face. Kenzie being the ultimate teenage slut that she is doesn’t get fucked in the pussy to start off, her starting point is to get fucked in the ass. She rides him in reverse cowgirl that turns into a full nelson to completely fill her tight asshole, she screams as his massive cock fills her, the stretching is unbearable but goddammit does it feel good. He rubs her throbbing cunt as he destroys her insides. She can’t sustain herself any longer and falls back onto James as he continues to viciously fuck her ass. He feels bad for her and lays her on her back so that he can take control and fuck her ruthlessly. Kenzie gasps, screams, shrieks, moans, grunts, and groans as he stretches her asshole to lengths it hadn’t been stretched before. He removes his cock from her not so tight asshole anymore to reveal a gaping masterpiece of work, he stops to admire but soon shoves his big dick in her teen pussy to stretch that out, to which he does because as he removes his cock from her, her pussy is gaping as well. She lays on her side as he penetrates her asshole, Kenzie shrieking and whimpering at her ever-expanding ass, how much more can her asshole take?! He pulls her up and makes her touch her toes as he devastates her asshole once more before making her taste her own insides by shoving his massive cock in her throat. Back and forth they go, from her mouth to her ass, him punishing her from all angles. He plops Kenzie on top of him and shoves his monster cock into her suffering asshole and he keeps demolishing with every single stroke of his cock. She shows off her gaping holes before one last fuck and James cums on her beautiful perky tits.

Angel Smalls Tiny Teen Down For Big Dick Destruction: Scene starts with Angel Smalls showcasing her asset to the camera. She wears a black bra, panties and long stockings which only make her look sexier and sluttier than ever. Sliding her panties to the side, she shows her tight pussy and asshole. Getting it ready for real action, she inserts her finger into the hole while bent over the bed. Angel is no angel when it comes to bed. Her holes are hungry for cock or better yet, cocks. Her boyfriend, together with his best friend joins her in bed. They need to check if her asshole is really as tight as it seems. One in front and one behind, Angel has two cocks to take care of. One shoved in her ass while the other stuffed in her mouth, both her holes stretch to accommodate their girth. It’s may not look easy but Angel couldn’t come to care. She enjoys every second both big dicks go in and out of her body. Her asshole was gaping when it was emptied. She focuses on the big treat in front of her for a few before her ass gets back to business. This time, the men switched position. With her in between two massive dicks, Angel gives them equal treatment, licking them alternately. She just can’t seem to get enough. They go back to bed with her stuck in between. One cock goes deep inside her pussy, the other fucking her asshole. They moved from one position to another. She loves riding and being ridden at the same time. Imagination is the limit for this threesome. They carry Angel while double penetrating her asshole and pussy, and make her sit on a chair while fucking her either simultaneously or alternately. This goes on until they give her the creampie she deserves. Angel proudly shows the white coat on both her shaved pussy and great ass, seemingly satisfied not just with pleasure but also with the performance she’s shown.

Rebecca Volpetti Teenage Anal Whore: Petite all-natural beauty queen Rebecca Volpetti is about as perfect as they come. She has one problem. Rebecca Volpetti is a total anal whore. She can’t get off unless having her tight teen asshole pounded by huge cocks. She came to ANALIZED.com to get what she needed. Rebecca Volpetti wants to be treated like a piece of meat and fucked like a worthless whore. She wants to be a tool for men to use to cum. Rebecca Volpetti craves to be treated like a cum dumpster. The petite beauty spreads open her ass and waits patiently. She is ready for a big cock stud to come have his way with any hole on her body he chooses. He enters, standing at full attention, and pushes his cock into her tiny asshole. The young girl winces but knows her place. She holds her ass open for him while he has his way with her hole. Rebecca Volpetti can’t hold back any longer. She starts to orgasm from the feeling of this huge cock in her asshole. Now is the time for Rebecca to really get fucked. Her man picks up her tiny body and bounces her on his dick. He wrecks her asshole and displays her gaping hole to the camera. Rebecca Volpetti doesn’t care. The more destroyed she gets the harder she cums. She is dragged into the other room and fucked in reverse cowgirl anal. Then bent over in doggy style and pounded up the ass harder than ever before. Rebecca screams in pleasure as her body becomes nothing more than a human sex toy. To finish the day, Rebecca is put on her back for missionary while her pussy and ass are traded back and forth between. Her man uses her holes until he is ready to cum. The tiny teen anal slut drops to her knees and accepts his messy facial cum shot with a smile.

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