Sis Loves Me 11

Sis Loves Me 11


Jennifer finds her stepbro snooping on her phone and realizes he’s seen that she told a friend how hot she thinks he is; she’s pissed at first but when he slips her dick she gets smoothed out pretty quickly!

Brooke’s stepbrother lets her know that watching her eat a banana is driving him crazy; luckily Brooke is happy to share her oral skills and much more with him!

Jaye owes her stepbrother some money but she’s lost all of hers; when he tells her she needs to figure out another way to pay him back right now, she smiles and gets on her knees!

Briar’s stepbro let her know that he saw her pleasuring herself; she’s embarassed at first but when she sees how turned on he was, she realizes giving him what he wants is good for her too!

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